SC Sysgenic Group SRL, Târgu Mureş

SC Sysgenic Group SRL
Aluniş Nr. 48
540076 Târgu Mureş
0265 218 397
0265 218 886
074 442 3794
074 315 5003
074 315 5004
0365 818 848
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6201 - Activităţi de realizare a soft-ului la comandă (software orientat client)


Sysgenic is an IT company from Transylvania Romania with 17 years of experience in designing and developing software solution, with over 500 projects. We provide agile genuine software solutions for your business.

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Descriere limbă străină
Sysgenic Group is a network of IT companies and highly skilled people who share the same ideals, exchange knowledge and ideas, who work together in a rapidly evolving market. Anticipating IT trends, Sysgenic Group is assuming a pro-active attitude in finding the best answers to the market needs. Sysgenic Group reaches its goals through creativity, cooperation, teamwork, flexibility and co-ordination of expertise. "Our Employees - Our greatest strength" principle represents the company core value. The four clear value statements that align and focus the efforts of our team members are: We embrace change and initiate opportunity We have a passion for growth We believe in spirited teamwork We have the courage to innovate
Cuvinte cheie:
Calculatoare, Servicii IT, Call center, Servicii software, Birotica si calculatoare, Software la comanda, Sisteme informatice, Outsourcing, Solutii IT, Project management, Software development, Aplicatii software, Tehnologia informatiei, Solutii informatice, Programming, Business intelligence, IT services, Consultant financiar, Contact center, Sales force automation, Software design, Enterprise resource planning, Servicii de outsourcing, Software testing, Managed services, Microsoft gold partner, Specialisti IT, Support services, Aplicatii pentru pietele de bursa, Aplicatii piete bursa, Aplicatii piete capital, Business process optimization, Certifications, Custom software, Dedicated team, Enterprise information portals, Industry specific solutions, IT community trasylvania, IT consultancy, IT developers, IT service management, Outsourcing aries, Serivicii de outsourcing, Software measurements, Support center, Virtual team
Produse software, Software iBS Xtended, IBS Financials, IBS Medicals, IBS Xpress, IBS Distrib, IBS Saas
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